Terms and conditions

1. Definitions

a. Yuno Agency: client, operating under the name Yuno Online VOF, located in Maassluis,
Steenen Dijck 101, KvK-number 83396322;

b. Client: the entrepreneur or company who issued an assignment to Yuno Agency.

c. Written: by letter, e-mail, sms, whatsapp-message or a social medium;

d. Force majeure: a cause not attribuable to Yuno Agency ( like incapacity for work, power- or
internet failure, terrorism, flooding), causing that the compliance can reasonably no longer
be expected from Yuno Agency.

2. Agreements

a. Yuno Agency provides advisory, coordinating and executive services for the client in the field
of communication and advertising via digital and other media as its own discretion.

b. Yuno Agency can not be hold to obvious errors in quotations and/or quotations accepted

c. Agreements about the duration, the price, the expected end date and delivery criteria are
agreed separately in writing by the client and Yuno Agency.

d. If an agreement lasts longer than one year, Yuno Agency is entitled to reasonably increase
the agreed rates and fees insofar as these are demonstrably based on increased costs or

e. The quotation and agreement between the client and Yuno Agency, these terms and
conditions and other written agreements form one piece. In case of conflict or adjustments
to an original agreement, the most recently made written agreement applies.

f. Yuno Agency will make an effort to carry out the order with care and to strive for a good and
useful result for the client. Yuno Agency mag engage third parties.

3. confidential and secrecy

a. Client and Yuno Agency keep mutual information secret about each other’s company,
personnel, processes and customers, unless this information is already public or needs to be
made public.

b. Yuno Agency may refer to the client for advertising purposes, with the condition that Yuno
Agency does not disclose any confidential information.

4. Payment

a. Yuno Agency may demand payment of an advance from the client amounting to a maximum
of 50% of the quotation amount.

b. The payment term amounts to 14 days after the quotation date. If a client does not pay
within this term, Yuno Agency will charge an additional 15% of the outstanding invoice as
collection costs, with a minimum of €40,-

5. Limitation of liability, force majeure, indemnification

a. Yuno Agency is only accountable for direct damage for the client if there is gross negligence,
recklessness or intent on the part of Yuno Agency.

b. Yuno Agency is not accountable for damage resulting from acts or omissions of the client or
third parties engaged by the client, such as the late, incorrect or incomplete provision of

c. In case of temporary force majeure, Yuno Agency will still fulfill the agreed obligations as well
as possible and will be invoiced in accordance with the agreement.

d. Client and Yuno Agency can revise or dissolve the agreement after force majeure.

e. Yuno Agency is not accountable for the consequences of force majeure.

f. The total liability of Yuno Agency shall in no event include more than the lesser of the
following amount.

(1) The amount that Yuno Agency and the client have agreed for the current order.

6. Intellectual property

a. Yuno Agency has and retains the intellectual property rights, including copyright, of works
created by Yuno Agency during the execution of the assignment.

b. The client receives the exclusive right to use the completed works after full payment.

7. Complaints and applicable law

a. Complaints should be reported in writing to Yuno Agency no later than two weeks after
completion of the order. If there are no reported complaints within this term, the client is
deemed to have accepted the result fully.

b. The client must give Yuno Agency a reasonable term to remove or repair the cause of a

c. The reporting of complaints does not suspend the payment obligation of the client.

d. All agreements with Yuno Agency fall under Dutch law, unless the law provides otherwise.

8. Disclaimer

Although Yuno Agency will make every effort to ensure a good adequate and up-to-date
transfer of knowledge, it or the representative of Yuno Agency cannot and will not accept
any liability for damage as a result of incorrect, incomplete or inappropriate action, or any
consequence suffered, including legal and tax consequences, on social media channels or
otherwise, caused or suffered by the client or its employees and volunteers, or in interaction
with third parties or caused to third parties.


Chamber of Commerce number: 83396322

VAT number: NL862 858161B01